Youth Leadership Takes the Stage – 2010

Two Planks and a Passion Theatre is offering a unique opportunity to assist young people develop leadership skills through theatre work. The Youth Leadership Program in 2010 combines real work in the theatre company with a focus on developing leadership skills.

“Involvement in the arts is one of the best pathways to develop leadership skills. Training and experience in this field results in increased self-confidence and communication skills. Theatre work provides an excellent environment in which to experience problem-solving and teamwork,” according to Ken Schwartz, Artistic Director.

“Many kids do not want to play sports or be involved in other school activities,” according to Schwartz. This project provides an alternative activity outside school.

The Youth Leadership program, will offer 6 young people living in rural Nova Scotia with the opportunity to apprentice with actors and theatre staff. The program will include hands-on experiences assisting staff with all aspects of theatre production. All participants will maintain a journal to document their experiences and learning.

The long term goal of the program is to have participants bring skills, ideas, and enthusiasm about the arts to their schools, communities and organizations. Their experience in the theatre and
the networks they develop will have long term benefits for the arts community in rural Nova Scotia. “We are delighted to offer such a unique program this summer and we are looking forward to selecting the participants,” says Schwartz.

The Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia provided $5000 in funding to support this initiative.