Vital Conversations on Rural Philanthropy in Nova Scotia

Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia received a CFC Vital Conversations grant to host a
series of conversations about rural philanthropy.
The following questions about rural
philanthropy guided the vital conversations:

  • What is the difference between rural and urban philanthropy?
  • What is the role of philanthropy for rural transformation?
  • How do we build endowments in a rural context?
  • What are the most effective approaches to grantmaking specific to rural communities?
  • What strategies are working now in rural philanthropy, and how can they be shared?

Our goal was to gather as many observations and insights about rural philanthropy as
we could, relating not only to Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia, but also to
the work of community foundations in general.
To achieve this goal in a relatively short
time, we asked our Board members to host conversations with people from their
communities who brought a wide range of perspectives. As a result, the conversations
included individuals with experience with non-profits, charitable fundraising, learning
institutions, local philanthropic initiatives, social enterprise, and rural development.

Read the Report: Vital Conversations on Rural Philanthropy in Nova Scotia