The Guys Groupe: South-West Nova Transition House Association – 2014


The Guys Groupe project engages young men within their school and community. It began at École Secondaire de Clare, a French High School, in 2012 and because of the program’s success one of the participants requested another location where it should be offered. In 2014 they received a RCF grant to fund the program’s advancements.

The Guys Groupe meets once a week at school during lunch hour. Lunch is provided and the group simply hangs out and participates in activities in a comfortable environment. Grade 10 member, Austin Amero describes the group as, “just a group to hangout; have fun, be with you friends, socialize and not get criticized by everybody.”

Evidence of success for the newly formed Guys Groupe was when the group went to a primary class and facilitated a “bucket session”. This entailed the reading of a book, a craft, and an activity that displayed bucket filling and dipping.

Project manager Melissa Vail says, “It was through the support of each other and focusing on their strengths that I feel we accomplished what we did!” Their accomplishments will directly transfer to the respectful community that they are working towards.