Soaring Eagle Grant Program

Cape Breton Country Recording Artist Drake Jensen has collaborated with the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia to create a fund for persons who identify with LGBTQI+ and work with the community. He is generously donating 100% of the profits from his new single, “Rise Again”. Nova Scotia has had a challenging year! We find ourselves in another lockdown due to the COVID virus. Our communities are struggling financially and mentally due to the circumstances. “It has always been my experience that music is a universal language and has the potential to lift spirits. Drake’s rendition of Cape Breton songwriter Leon Dubinsky’s iconic song is precisely what Nova Scotia needs right now!,” states Eirinn Fraser, Soaring Eagle Fund Program chair.

The Soaring Eagle Fund Program is currently in a fundraising status. Grants and programs will be announced when available through the RCFofNS newsletter. The Granting Committee does the administration of grants. The growth of this fund is dependent on the support of the public! The change will happen by purchasing the single “Rise Again,” donations to the Soaring Eagle Fund, and new collaborations such as Drake’s. “I hope that others will see the benefits to cooperation and support of this vital fund,” states Eirinn Fraser. She encourages anyone interested in being a part of this monumental project to reach out to her at Eirinn Fraser (at)

The purpose of the Soaring Eagle Fund is to ignite a conversation on challenges facing the LGBTQI+ community in Rural Nova Scotia and identifying and implementing solutions. The fund will focus on these issues and unite the members of the LGBTQI+ community within Nova Scotia to resilience work led by others identifying with LGBTQI+ through conversation and projects within their communities. The initial emphasis of the fund will be on youth projects, but the focus will expand in future years to highlight projects led by other groups. In addition to grants to qualified donees (accordance to CRA) and often in partnership with community organizations, The Soaring Eagle Fund Program will encompass convening, capacity-building, outreach, and other activities which further its goals.

Drake Jensen’s powerful rendition of Cape Breton songwriter Leon Dubinsky’s iconic song “Rise Again” featuring Rob Preuss is available exclusively at Bandcamp on May 5th at Designated donations through of $5.00 or more will receive a free Drake Jensen online concert with special guests. An announcement will be in the future. “Rise Again” purchases and donations to the Soaring Eagle Fund will be entered to win prizes. For information on “Rise Again,” follow Drake Jensen at

“Congratulations to Drake on his release of the Soaring Eagle Grant Program! Thank you for your contribution to the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia! The funding will support many programs and people in our rural areas of Nova Scotia, which RCFofNS strives to do,” states Jean Ward, RCFofNS Board Chair.

One hundred percent of the profits from the sale of Drake Jensen’s rendition of Leon Dubinky’s song “Rise Again” will be donated to the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia Soaring Eagle Fund Program. Visit to purchase “Rise Again.”

Tune in to the live video release stream for “Rise Again” with Rob Preuss and Drake Jensen on May 5, 2021 at 8:00 PM ADT at The RCFofNS fund announcement will be on May 6, 2021 at 2:00 PM ADT at

For more information on Drake Jensen, revisit our “Rise Again” page.

You can also visit Drake’s Facebook and his website.

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Eirinn Fraser
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