RCFofNS Fund Development Committee Completes Strategic Planning for 2020-2023

Members of RCFofNS’s Fund Development Committee recently completed a strategic planning exercise, renewing RCFofNS’s Fund Development Strategy for a 3-year cycle (2020-2023). In the context of fund development, the two days of action planning involved revisiting what fund development means in the context of rural philanthropy in Nova Scotia and RCFofNS, gauging where we have been successful in the last cycle, and setting targets for fund development growth until 2023. RCFofNS renewed its commitment to concentrated activity in four areas:

  • a) engaging private donors

  • b) flow through funding

  • c) land estate planning and

  • d) endowment building, setting ambitious but realistic targets based on a robust year in each of these areas in 2019-2020

For example, in 2019-2020 alone, our flow thought funding approved well over one million dollars to support rural community initiatives. A particular area of planned growth is to expand our work in the area of building individual donors/corporations/government partnerships to support rural issues, and to support progress on issues of common concern (i.e. climate change, gender equality, etc).

A third phase of the action planning will occur in January 2021, creating a marketing and promotion strategy that can support the fund development strategic initiatives. The goal in this regard is to enhance our relationships and support in rural communities long served by RCFofNS. This final phase of the action planning will occur in January 2021 with evaluations of our progress towards our three year goals evaluated annually.