Local Volunteers on You Tube – 2009

localThe Lunenburg Queens Volunteer Partnership (LQVP) is using social media to increase awareness about volunteerism and community leadership with young people in the two counties.

LQVP will produce a 10 minute promotional video featuring local youth leaders and volunteers talking about their experiences. The video will be featured on their website, Facebook and YouTube. The youth will assist in the filming and a local filmmaker will produce the video with guidance from the LQVP.

“We needed to move away from our traditional approach. We wanted to really connect with young people in our community and we felt we could best do that by using social media” according to Anne Fownes, Volunteer Navigator with LQVP.

LQVP is frequently asked to give school presentations and participate in a wide variety of youth events. The videos will provide a great resource to leave with groups but can be accessed by a much larger group of young people using the popular social media sites.

Fownes explains why they are using video. “While verbal presentations and printed handouts are the traditional tools of promotion, they lack the innovation and excitement essential in capturing the attention of many of today’s youth.”

The ultimate goal is to generate interest in becoming involved in the local community and volunteering. “Volunteering is a lot of fun and we hope viewers will see this,” Fownes remarks.

“This project really reflects the goals and objectives of our community foundation. It is about exciting activities that enrich the lives of local people,” states Pam Harrison, Chair of the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia. Harrison adds, “It is a wise investment – in our future. That’s what we are about – people investing in rural Nova Scotia.” The Foundation provided $2,550 to assist in the production of the video.