Le Quartier Culturel – 2014

Le Conseil des arts de Chéticamp received a 2014 Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia Rural Leadership Grant to create Le Quartier Culturel. The goal of the project was to bring the arts, school and community together in one building, and to start turning innovative ideas and programs into concrete actions.

“Le Conseil des arts is really excited to move forward with this new initiative that embraces our rural communities values, culture and positive outlook for the future,” says project manager Joeleen Larade. “Now that we have the business plan in hand, we are able to approach local, provincial and federal government to help us make this space ours.”

“The recent strategy session held by le Conseil des arts for Le Quartier Culturel was truly a unique experience,” said participant Paul Gallant. Conrad Taves shared some thoughts following the session, saying, “I believe that Le Quartier Culturel is the key to not only sustaining this remote community, but in realizing and revitalizing Cheticamp, a vibrant and lively enclave of artistic pursuit.”

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