Joan Feynman Climate Change Grant Program

Rural Communities and Climate Change
Nova Scotia’s rural communities are directly affected by climate change through such factors as sea level rise, storms, weather, disease and species shift, all of which can cause major economic impact. As such, our communities are on the front-lines of Nova Scotia’s efforts to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change and they have a vital role in finding solutions to this enormously difficult and complex issue.

RCFofNS’s Joan Feynman Climate Change Fund (formerly Community Sparks Grant Fund)
This fund was created in 2019 with a private donor grant in order to ignite creativity, innovation and change through community projects on climate change. In our first year, we focused on youth projects, funding seven projects on a wide variety of topics ranging from bee keeping and community gardens to film documentaries and experimental research in finding a new vegan protein source. The grants were designed to support innovative community-based action, and to give young people (ages 13- 25) the means to make a meaningful difference in their region on their own terms.

During the next 3-5 years, RCFofNS plans to greatly enlarge this program, as well as expanding it to include projects led by adults. We have a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion and will be paying specific attention to marginalized communities and issues of environmental justice. We are seeking matching and challenge funds for the program from large-scale partners, including corporate, provincial, federal sources and high wealth individuals. As well, partners who cannot provide funds at this time are welcome as they provide other important resources such as training, communications, networking, and in-kind support. Our grant focus is specifically in moving from ideas to action on climate change and so projects are in the form of micro grants of $2000 for youth-led projects and $5000 for projects led by adults.

RCFofNS is excited to bring more support for community projects on climate change through the Joan Feynman Climate Change Grant Program. We will be having granting rounds in the Spring and Fall of 2022, so keep an eye out for more information. In the meantime, RCFofNS volunteers will be doing outreach with communities and will be finding program and project partners. If you know of any individuals or organizations who might like to get involved with this program, please contact us.

Jean Ward, Chair, Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia (RCFofNS)  [email protected]