Glace Bay Citizens Service League – 2014

The funds granted to Glace Bay Citizens Service League were put towards developmental assets – building on the work of Citizen Service League (CSL) and the Asset Developmental committee. Through telephone interviews with representatives of Glace Bay CSL the asset headquarters developed a Volunteer Resource Centre.

Volunteerism promotes and enhances skills, abilities, and unique attributes of the whole community. The asset headquarters has the ability to bring people of all ages together to promote assets and create relevant initiatives.
Glace Bay Citizens Service League

Proof of the positive impact volunteering has on an individual and a community is evident through the story told by a group of women from the local food bank. Years ago, the food bank hired a man who had some “issues” with the criminal justice system.

For a while he worked with the women at the food bank where he got to see many different types of people. He then left for the “west” where he stayed to work for several years. Recently, he returned and told the staff he once worked with at the food bank that the experience of working with them, of seeing how many people are forced to live in poverty caused him to turn his life around. His volunteer experience allowed him to realize the different life that he could live and the unlimited opportunities available to him.


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Here are some photos of holiday cards made by grade 5/6 students at Glace Bay Elementary and sent to residents of Seaview manor, a local nursing home. A focus on promoting early volunteerism activity grew directly from this RCF funded project.