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Emergency Community Support Fund

Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia (RCF) is proud to have partnered with Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada to deliver the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF).

We are no longer accepting applications. We know the need for funding is still significant. If you would like to be notified if any additional funding becomes available through ECSF, please fill out this form.

We invite you to explore opportunities with the other ECSF funding intermediaries in your community. More information about other national funders is available here.

We invite you to follow Community Foundations of Canada’s website for further updates as well.

For more information, contact: Sherry MacLeod, Granting Chair [email protected]

ECSF is a collaboration between Canada’s community foundations and the Community Foundations of Canada, funded by the Government of Canada.

Is My Organization Eligible to Apply?
To be eligible for funding from the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia:

  • The applicant organization must be registered as a charitable organization under the Canada Customs and Revenue Act
  • The program/service for which funding is sought must include a goal of enhancing leadership within rural communities

Organizations not registered as a charitable organization may choose to partner with a sponsoring organization having registered charitable status, or with a municipality. In those instances, the sponsoring organization will have responsibility for ensuring the approved project takes place, and will be accountable for the grant received from the Foundation. Find more information here.

“Rural communities” excludes the urban areas of the Halifax Regional Municipality (Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford) and Sydney.

A volunteer granting committee evaluates applications in accordance with the specific criteria outlined in the granting program’s guidelines. While every application is reviewed carefully, not all are recommended for funding. The successful applicants are approved by the full RCF Board of Directors upon the recommendations of the committee.

These granting programs have been offered in the past:
All these granting programs are currently closed.

The Rural Leadership Initiative Grant Program

The Rural Leadership Initiative Grant program has to date, provided $113,921 in funds for projects which:

  • Seek to improve understanding of issues facing rural communities in Nova Scotia
  • Offer Solutions to problems and challenges of rural Nova Scotia
  • Create an environment that enhances and sustains rural Nova Scotia

The Rural Innovation Program

This program has been completed and is now closed.

The Rural Innovation Grant Program provided $425,090 in funds which allowed rural Nova Scotians to develop new and innovative solutions to local and regional concerns. It was made possible by an investment by the province of Nova Scotia to help rural communities become more resilient and sustainable.