2020 Holiday Message from the Granting Committee

The Granting Committee had a very busy year in 2020. Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia has been hard hit by the pandemic, but thankfully we had the opportunity to work with the Federal Government and Community Foundations of Canada to administer and grant $561,280.00 with the Emergency Community Support Fund this spring. The amount number of applications was overwhelming.

In October, we were fortunate enough to be involved in a second round for this fund, and able to approve grants for an additional $235,700.00. Unfortunately, the need far exceeded our funds. But we approved funding across the province and I’m confident we are helping organizations across the province through a very difficult time. We did approve funds to 56 grantees through this fund, looking through a gender lense, while supporting seniors, children, minorities, and adults, through education, meals, communications, culture, mental health, clothing, and more. We are currently scrambling to get papers in order and funds out the door before the holidays. It was a lot of work but certainly rewarding to know we are making a difference in the lives of so many people.

We are currently reviewing applications for our Gender Equality Grants; again in partnership with the Federal Government and the Community Foundation of Canada. Last fall, we completed a pilot project with Gender Equality Grants, granting $32,000.00. We expect to approve upwards to $140,000.00 in grants before the holidays. Along with these grants, we are changing the way we do business, by looking through a gender lense with our grant approvals, investments and policies going forward.

Due to COVID-19, the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge Youth Leadership Grants that we planned to finish in the spring or early summer, projects totalling $90,000, have been delayed. Although they were funded, many of the projects were late starting. We expect the RBC Leadership youth leadership projects to be complete in March of 2021.

While working diligently on these three different granting projects in process, we have two granting funds we are working on with private donors. The first one being the Community Sparks Fund. This will be the 2nd round for the Community Sparks. The objective is to bring on positive change by granting funds for programs that will help combat climate change. Watch for our call out for applications in the new year.

Finally, we have another private donor working on a new fund, supporting youth and gender equality. Watch our website and social media for up to date news on these funds. It’s very exciting times to be involved in the Rural Community Foundation of Nova Scotia. I want to thank the committee and staff for all their work and dedication, making it possible to accomplish so much in such a short time.

May your homes be filled with warmth and love, your families be healthy and safe, throughout the holidays and into 2021. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.